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Who we are

Our Goal

We are a small, non-profit making group, supporting children with special needs and their families from Petersfield and the surrounding area.

The Oaks is run by a voluntary committee. It is funded by grants and a small contribution from the parents.



"As a family we are hugely indebted to Oaks and the fantastic people who run it as it gives H a great outlet for his energies during the holiday and gives us the ability to confidently leave him in a secure setting whilst we manage the rest of our family."

The Turner Family1
The Turner Family

"D absolutely loves the set up of the Playscheme, from the helpers to all the toys and facilities available to him. He loves the freedom of being able to choose what he wants to do and all the attention he gets. When it comes to picking him up, I usually have a hard time getting him to leave! It breaks up the long summer holidays without the normal structure of school. While I know he is enjoying himself it gives me the time to be able to spend with my three older children and get on with things that may not be suitable for D to be with me for. It has been an invaluable resource over the last few years – I am not looking forward to the point when he gets too old to be able to go."

The Hiscutt Family1
The Puckett Family

"The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves at Oaks again this summer. J just loves the outdoor space at Froxfield and explores every inch of the field! We were so grateful to The Oaks for accommodating T with his broken leg. Kim was brilliant and very imaginative in coming up with new activities to try with him whilst he was stuck in his wheelchair. We cannot praise the staff at Oaks highly enough, we leave the boys there confident that they are well looked after and having a fun time. Many thanks to The Oaks!"

The Hiscutt Family1
The Hiscutt Family

Meet the staff


Jemma Barnett

"The Oaks is a fun and exciting place to work. It's great seeing how much the children have progressed play scheme to play scheme."


Kim Griffiths

'I enjoy being part of The Oaks because the activities & interactions can result in the biggest smiles and reactions from the children which I then love sharing with the children's families & carers!'


Rebecca Ireland

"I enjoy working at The Oaks as I love seeing the children enjoying themselves and seeing the smile on their faces when doing the activities. I also love working with the team because everyone is so friendly."

Sophie Hiscock (1)

Sophie Hiscock

"The Oaks is a great team to be part of and I love being able to make the children smile. We get to share so many lovely experiences with them."

Emily Giles (1)

Emily Giles

"I love working at The Oaks because it is so rewarding. I love seeing the children enjoying all the different activities that we have, seeing their faces light up when the horse and cart arrives is definitely a highlight for me."

Sophie Leonnard (1)

Sophie Leonnard

"I love working at The Oaks because I enjoy playing and making crafty things with the children. It’s great to see everyone have fun and make new friends and I always look forward to working again to see how much each child has grown and changed!"

Our families

The Blackley Family

"Holidays can be the most difficult time for a family with a disabled child.  Having a scheme like The Oaks that my daughter can attend, knowing she is happy and safe, is such an important resource for the survival of our whole family.  There are events organised by charities, usually fun day trips but having a place that I can actually leave her and spend time either with the rest of the family or just to have a break is the most valuable way I think that I and government can spend its money for families with a disabled child."

The Bedding family

"My severely disabled son attended a few sessions over the summer and had a fantastic time, without this Short Break we would not function as a family. My 12 year twins had me all to themselves for a few hours, something we rarely get without having to cope with a wheelchair and lack of changing facilities out and about; we rarely go out when we have Fergus - we just can’t. The Oaks provides a very safe and secure environment where Fergus gets full on stimulation just like other children attending a mainstream holiday club, he comes back smiling and exhausted after a full day of play and excitement. "

The Hutchinson Family

The Hutchinson Family

"Even though The Oaks Playscheme in Froxfield is a half hour drive away from home, I do the two hours in the car each day because J loves it so much there. It is a lovely small, friendly scheme. The setting is perfect with the wonderful big play field available to them to run around in and a variety of rooms for different activities.  There is always something new and different going on, like the horse and cart rides and the fire engine visits.

The staff are all absolutely lovely and the one to one support is fantastic. The staff all get to know each and every child, making sure they do activities that fit in with the child's interests.

The Oaks offers a different atmosphere to other play schemes. It has a lovely, warm, gentle feel that is perfect for younger SEN children who maybe haven't done a play away from their parent/carer unit before.  It is unique in this area and that is why it is so important that it continues to thrive.  We all love The Oaks!

The Oaks is a lovely, unique play scheme with a small and friendly vibe.  Access to great outdoor space, really fun carers and fantastic visiting activities make it a positive play experience for my son.  He is very happy and confident there."

The Hiscutt Family

"Joel and Thomas have been attending The Oaks Playscheme since they were pre-school age. It has been invaluable to us over the years as it has provided structure and activities for the boys during the school holidays. They love the setting at Froxfield and have made some lovely attachments to the fantastic staff there."


The Turner Family

"My son is severely Autistic. He has attended Oaks Playscheme for the past 2 years and it has greatly improved his quality of life experienced outside the school environment.

If it wasn't for Oaks he would have nowhere to spend his holiday time other than home and school. The staff and facilities at The Oaks Playscheme are highly specialised and of the best quality which allow me to allow him to spend much needed play and creative time away from the home environment and it is a massive part of his life.

If my son could speak he would tell you how much he looks forward to going from the moment he leaves in August until the Easter sessions return, how happy and safe he feels at Oaks and how much he needs it to continue.

Thanks again to Oaks for providing a much loved and highly valued Playscheme, without which we would be lost."

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