Become a Volunteer!

Through volunteering we can all make a big difference as individuals, to individuals. We can also make a big difference to our community.

Volunteers at The Oaks are an essential part of our very special group. Volunteers bring a wealth of skills and experiences that serve to enhance the day-to-day running of The Oaks Playscheme. Our volunteers may be Trustees of the group and work on our committee, ensuring the financial stability of our unique community, our volunteers may also be fundraisers. Some volunteers work with the children during a scheme on a one-off basis and they may bring a craft or activity to the group and involve everyone in an exciting, stimulating activity. Others provide us with resources or support the advertising and technical side of running a charity and these people often go unnoticed, behind the scenes so to speak!

Everyone who volunteers with us, no matter what they do, are an integral part of our small organisation and their time and commitment is hugely appreciated by the staff, the families and the children of The Oaks.

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