16th September 2018 As the budget for Disabled Children’s Services is reduced small charities and groups like The Oaks Playscheme will have to look to alternative sources for funding. Most would say that this is something we should all be planning for but these things are not always as they seem…. Local Government funding is […]

Tercentenary Charity Event

It is so humbling when a local organisation pick The Oaks Playscheme as their charity for the year. Here at The Oaks we’ve been blown away by the generosity and genuine care and interest shown by others in what we do! Kim and I were lucky enough to be invited to attend the Tercentenary Charity […]

Become a Volunteer!

Through volunteering we can all make a big difference as individuals, to individuals. We can also make a big difference to our community. Volunteers at The Oaks are an essential part of our very special group. Volunteers bring a wealth of skills and experiences that serve to enhance the day-to-day running of The Oaks Playscheme. […]

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Stroud Revels 2016

Get Set….. Baaaaaa!!   16 Rothercombe Racers headline the show at the Stroud Revels 2016. With clear winners Lambretta and Ewe Sain Bolt striding ahead, clearing Bechers Brook and The Chair, pleasing the crowd with the finale race Champion of Champions! This was a sight not be missed and it wasn’t! With some 400 people […]