28th July 2018 at the Stroud Revels, Rothercombe Farm

[fund-raise] v. seeking to generate financial support for a charity or cause

[Actually quite good fun!]

Hosted bi-annually at Rothercombe Farm, the Stroud Revels has become quite the village
summer fete! Nestled between glorious hot weather the weekend fell on the only day of rain
we saw all summer but it did not hinder the crowds nor their generosity! Andrew Snow
teaches 20 of his lovely ladies to run down the track in search of their bucket of food, thrilling
their crowd as they make their way down the course! Bets are made with favourites to win
such as Graze Anatomy and Woolly Warmer! This ewenique (!) opportunity raised £600 for
The Oaks Playscheme.

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